About Us

Company Profile

Blue Spring (Shanghai) Cleaning Solution Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier and service provider in the field of cleaning and environmental protection. Our business is integrated with the research and development, production and sales of cargo hold cleaning equipment, cleaning services and water treatment and marine chemicals, involving many fields such as shipping, chemical industry, ocean engineering, electric power, etc.

The main business of Blue Spring consist of the following categories:

1. Cargo Hold Cleaning Equipment: Cargo Hold Cleaning Solution Kit, High Pressure Cleaning Machine, Cleaning Tools, Safety and Personal Protection, etc.

2. Marine Chemicals: Cargo Hold Cleaning, Tank Cleaning, Cleaning and Maintenance, Cooling Water Treatment, Boiler Water Treatment, Fresh Water Generator Treatment, Life Wastewater Treatment, Fuel Oil Treatment, etc.

3. Cleaning Service: Bulk Ship Cargo Hold Cleaning, Boiler Cleaning, Ship Pipe Cleaning, etc.



Marine Chemicals

Marine Chemicals in Blue Spring include Cleaning Chemicals, Water Treatment, Fuel Oil Treatment, which play an important role in cargo hold cleaning, ship water circulation system, fuel oil treatment and other fields.


Tools and Equipment

Blue Spring Cargo Hold Cleaning Tools are suitable for ships of any size. It can make the fire water and compressed air jet flow reach the height of more than 20 meters, and spray all kinds of liquid chemicals to the highest part of the ship's cabin, making the tank cleaning work more convenient.


Cleaning Services

Blue Spring Cleaning Services include all solutions for Boiler Cleaning, Cargo Hold Cleaning, Tank Cleaning, Ship Pipe Cleaning and New Ship Building System Cleaning. We not only provide high quality products, but also supply professional service, technical support and suggestions for customers.

  • Chemicals

    BlueSpring chemicals include cargo hold cleaning chemicals, water treatment agents, fuel oil treatment agents, etc., which play an important role in cargo hold cleaning, Marine water circulation system and fuel oil treatment.

  • Cleaning tools

    BSPTM Cargo Hold Cleaning Solution Kit  is a totally kit for cleaning of bulk carrier holds with a high pressure water sream a strong sream if water can be project a distance of over 20mtes for the removal of any loose rust, flaking paint or cargo residue. And as well as it can be used to spray all kinds of chemical to hold surface in high position.

  • Cleaning Service

    With the technical background of chemical and cleaning equipment, BlueSpring could offer cleaning services of Boilers cleaning, Bulk ship cargo hold cleaning, Oil tanker cleaning,  New building ship pipe systems commissioning & cleaning. We not only provide high quality products, but also provide professional services and technical support.

Company Culture

Blue Spring is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise who integrates innovation, research and development, design, production, sales and cleaning services. Our business involves shipping, chemical industry, ocean engineering, electric power and other fields. Relying on the professional and mature technology, we always take technology as the guide, and have established a "professional and accurate" company image in the industry.  Blue Spring has always insisted on a better understanding of customer needs, and improved the quality of our service.

Operation Principle

Market oriented, based on customers and services.

Technology as the core, regard innovation and development as life.

Based on production, take the quality and reputation as the cornerstone.

Corporate Mission

Ensure professional and standardized services, provide safer, more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly and more satisfactory solutions.

Services Standards

Today's quality, tomorrow's market and forever services.

Qualification Honors