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Technical exchange and safety training of Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning Machine”

Update time:2022-06-02 19:44:00    Clicks:935

Technical exchange and safety training of Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning Machine” jointly organized by Blue Spring and Winning Group was held in our company as scheduled on June 1, 2022.

On the morning of that day, those who participated in the training arrived at the venue early and waited for the training to start.

During the training process, the sales manager and technical person in charge of our company explained the product knowledge of the Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning Machine in detail, and conducted a face-to-face guidance of the safety operation and maintenance, so that the frist-line users of the product had a clearer understanding of the performance, characteristics and advantages of our products. It can save manpower and material resources to the greatest extent for users in the actual operation process, and ensure safe use.

In the discussion session, everyone participated actively, discussed enthusiastically and expressed their opinions, discussed the practical problems encountered in the process of front-line operation, and collided the spark of thinking.

In the afternoon, the trainees went to our workshop for a field visit. The operators of our company explained the steps and demonstrated the on-site operation of the Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning Machine. All the trainees are eager to try, take turns to perform the actual operation, and have fully affirmed the use effect of our products.

The weather in June is very hot, but it can't resist our enthusiasm for learning of product knowledge. Everyone ended a day training course with the full harvest. The trainees expressed high recognition for the arrangement and organization of this training course, and expressed the intention of continuous cooperation with our company. Our company issued a certificate to each trainee and took a group photo.