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BLUESPRING New employee training in August 2022

Update time:2022-08-17 18:56:00    Clicks:775

With the development of the company's business, new colleagues joined us in August.  In order to make new employees familiar with the company profile, corporate culture, product knowledge, job responsibilities and work processes as soon as possible, the company organized product knowledge training for new employees from August 9 to 10, 2022.

On the afternoon of August 9th, the sales manager explained the theoretical knowledge of the company's current products: ultra-high pressure cleaning machine, cargo hold cleaning solution,chemicals,etc., so that new employees could have a conceptual understanding of various products.

On August 10, all the staff of the sales department and the technical department came to the company's warehouse to conduct on-the-spot training for various products. The sales manager explained the various accessories of the ultra-high pressure cleaning machine. Everyone got to know the rotary nozzle, spray core, hose connector, adapter substitute, secondary filter, filter element, etc.

Compared to learn the stainless steel and carbon steel plastic spraying ultra-high pressure cleaning machine currently sold by the company, including size, appearance, performance, standard configuration and function, etc.

Under the guidance of technical staff, new employees unpack and learn about the appearance, specifications and working principles of the ultrasonic cleaning machine; learn the assembly and use of the spraying machine; learn the water sandblasting equipment; learn the names and packaging specifications of chemicals, etc.

Finally, under the guidance of the technical staff, the new employee actually operated the ultra-high pressure cleaning machine, and felt the different use effect of rotary nozzles, fan nozzles and cylindrical nozzles.

The one-day training course is intense and fulfilling. The combination of theory and practice enables new employees to have an in-depth understanding of the company's products, and helps new employees quickly enter the work role, undertake work tasks, and integrate into the working atmosphere of the enterprise.

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