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BLUE SPRING Autumn Mountaineering Tour

Update time:2022-10-21 14:19:48    Clicks:473

The wind is cool and the heat is fading. It's the best time to travel.

Remember the original intention, grow together, and build brilliance with cohesion.

Farewell to the summer and welcome the autumn wind. Let's put aside our busy work for the time being. Let's have a hearty mountain climbing and look into the distance. Let's enjoy a hearty laugh in the background.

The breeze ripples, enjoying yourself.

With the hot sunshine overhead, we headed for the top of the mountain.

There is no turning back all the way, only firm upward.

Although very tired, but also very cool.

We gritted our teeth and insisted on encouraging each other. Although the mountain road was rough, we finally reached the top of the mountain.

Looking around, the sea and the sky are beautiful.

There are always unlimited scenery in life, but also in the dangerous peak. Only those who dare to climb can enjoy the final beauty.

Let's take this summit as a new starting point, never forget the original intention to continue to grow, and build a brilliant future with cohesion