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Start the New Chapter - Opening Ceremony of the Bluespring Factory

Update time:2023-06-29 17:30:34    Clicks:316

On May 12, 2023, after more than five months of intense preparation, BLUESPRING- Aquamarine was officially completed in Jimo Environmental Protection Industrial Park.

From the initial site selection, planning of the factory, facilities purchasing and assembling , to the overall relocation of all products in the original warehouse, all the staffs proceeded the work positively, confirmed the goals, clear the direction, accomplished the target of factory completion and the warehouse relocation under all the departments heads’ leadership. 

The completion of the BLUESPING-Aquamarine represents we have strode forward a big step on the road of collectivization development, enhanced the advantages in the same industry competition, and also confirmed the object that we would like to be more specialized, refined ,bigger, and stronger in the field of cleaning and chemical industry . Our company will improve the product quality continually, service quality, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, to provide more perfect product and high quality service for our customers.

Our new journey is about to begin. We firmly believe that BLUESPRING, a giant ship carrying hope, will sail smoothly to the other side of success.