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BLUE SPRING | Housewarming,Sailing Again

Update time:2023-06-29 17:34:52    Clicks:274

Colorful clouds floating in the sky, the horizon flying golden wings. On June 29, 2023 is the day that BLUESPRING GROUP moved to a new location. All the employees and guests gathered together to celebrate the ceremony and witness the important milestone in the development history of the company.

Mr. ZHOU DAN, general manager of the company, shared the company’s development history, and analyzed the development strategy and target planning of the group for all the invited guests and employees in order to make everyone onsite to know the company better with a further clear cognition. To enhance the confidence in the future development  prospects.  

New environment, new image, also a new starting point, relocation of the company not only changes the office environment but also indicates that the company will forge ahead with determination, hand in hand, strive for brilliance in the future development. 

Dancing with the sea, growing with the sea, facing the future together.

Company new address:  15F Ronghui Center, No. 199 Shandong road, Shibei district, Qingdao.